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*Abbeys and Monasteries
*Architectural Sculpture>>
*Cathedrals and Churches
*Cities and Towns
*Other Features
*Real Estate>>
>> These topics are cross-referenced.

* ArtServe: Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Architecture and Sculpture
Over 130,000 images of art and architecture mainly from the Mediterranean Basin. You can view all the images, just one at a time. In order to see more per page, you have to subscribe to their cost-recovery service. Note: this site had been off-line but is back up and running again.

URL: http://rubens.anu.edu.au/index.html         Link Verified by NetSERF: 04 March 2011
Total Clicks: 44,587         Last Click: 19 June 2019
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* British Medieval Architecture
"The aim of this site is to aid research into British medieval architecture. Academic papers are offered alongside detailed information on the 'Devizes Heads'. We offer the viewer an insight into certain elements of British medieval architecture, mainly focusing on timber-frame construction methods. In particular, we will explore the medieval corbel heads from Devizes (Wiltshire), employing virtual technologies to explore the techniques of their manufacture. In addition to this, the broader field of carpentry joints, used by late medieval carpenters, will be examined virtually."

URL: http://www.medievalarchitecture.net         Link Verified by NetSERF: 05 March 2011
Total Clicks: 20,162         Last Click: 18 June 2019
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* Digital Archive of Architecture
A large archive of architectural images, from Prof. Howe's personal slide library. Though not exclusively medieval, there is a great deal to look at while walking through the site. Medieval sections include: Romanesque churches, Gothic churches, medieval fortifications and Belgian architecture.

URL: http://www.bc.edu/bc_org/avp/cas/fnart/arch/contents_europe.html         Link Verified by NetSERF: 19 September 2013
Total Clicks: 29,722         Last Click: 18 June 2019
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* Images of Medieval Art and Architecture [NetSERF Select]
Mainly concerned with medieval architecture from both England and France with more countries coming soon. Include images of cathedrals, castles, abbeys, parish churches and more. "The purpose of this site is to promote education and research in Medieval art and architecture. We plan to expand it (funding permitting) by adding various levels of supplementary information, bibliographical references, more images, and different kinds of cross-links including keyword searching."

URL: http://www.medart.pitt.edu/index.html         Link Verified by NetSERF: 05 March 2011
Total Clicks: 57,284         Last Click: 18 June 2019
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* Mapping Gothic France [NetSERF Select]
"With a database of images, texts, charts and historical maps, Mapping Gothic France invites you to explore the parallel stories of Gothic architecture and the formation of France in the 12th and 13th centuries, considered in three dimensions:Space, Time, Narrative. The Mapping Gothic France project was initiated by Stephen Murray, Professor of Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University and Andrew Tallon, Assistant Professor of Art at Vassar College and funded through the generosity of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Mapping Gothic France was developed within the framework of collaboration between the Media Center for Art History in the Department of Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University, the Visual Resources Library at Vassar College, and the Columbia University Libraries."

URL: http://mappinggothicfrance.org/         Link Verified by NetSERF: 02 April 2011
Total Clicks: 11,439         Last Click: 18 June 2019
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* Matrix: Image Library [NetSERF Select]
"The Image Library is developing toward a collection of images of art objects, architecture, archaeological remains, site-plans, & maps. We seek images that can represent a broad range of communities, artists, genres, regions, and periods. Our purpose is to collect & make easily accessible well described images that are normally difficult for students & teachers to find."

URL: http://www.monasticmatrix.org/figurae/         Link Verified by NetSERF: 03 March 2011
Total Clicks: 59,225         Last Click: 19 June 2019
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* Medieval Art History: (formerly NIXNET)
An index of sites dedicated to art and architecture. This site was formerly NIXNET, which seems to have closed.

URL: http://www.medievalplus.com/art-history/         Link Verified by NetSERF: 03 March 2011
Total Clicks: 61,182         Last Click: 18 June 2019
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* Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales
"National Monuments of Record Wales, Databases on Archaeology, Built and Maritime Heritage of Wales. Welsh Assembly Government Sponsored Body." Site contains an extensive amount of information about various ancient and historical monuments.
English / Welsh /

URL: http://www.rcahmw.org.uk         Link Verified by NetSERF: 05 March 2011
Total Clicks: 19,966         Last Click: 16 June 2019
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