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What's New?

NetSERF's Medieval Glossary is now completely database-driven, like the rest of the site. This will allow us to begin adding more terms, to relate terms more easily and to connect these terms to appropriate sections of the NetSERF Web site. Also, because the Glossary is database-driven, you can now download the entire Glossary to your PDA using the AvantGo network. If you are already an AvantGo member, simply click on the Download Glossary via AvantGo link here, and the NetSERF Medieval Glossary will be downloaded to your PDA the next time you run the synchronization operation. Good luck and enjoy!

As part of our continued commitment to bringing the Middle Ages to the Internet, we are proud to present the largest general medieval glossary on the Internet!!

While there a number of excellent and specialized glossaries available, NetSERF's Hypertext Medieval Glossary is unique. Not only are there 1499 terms defined, covering all aspects of medieval life and spanning the medieval world, many terms are linked together so that one can get the best understanding possible.

We have also provided a convenient navigator on the left of your screen, so that you will be able to move quickly and easily through the glossary. Simply select the first letter of the term you wish to define, then scroll down the list to your word. A hint for those of you using Netscape: when the page has been loaded, click the FIND button on your tool bar; type in your term, and Netscape will take you directly to it (if it is there).

As stated above, many of the terms in this glossary are linked together. For example, if you look up entry fine, you will see this:

Entry Fine:

Payment, set at the lord's discretion, by an unfree heir, heiress, or purchaser on entering an unfree tenement.
(Waugh, Scott. England in the Reign of Edward III, 238)
See also: Entrage.

You have the option of following a number of links. 1) By clicking on "Tenement" you will be sent directly to that word. 2) There is a citation for each word, where you can find the book which provided the definition. 3) Some words also have See also terms. These are related terms which do not appear in the definition itself.

Finally, I would invite you to send me e-mail if you are unable to find the term you are looking for. I can guarantee that I will be able to help, but chances are that others might need that term as well. In the future, look for a number of additions to this glossary, including links to Internet sites, graphics, sound and much more!!

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