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*English Legal Documents>>
>> These topics are cross-referenced.

* Capitulary of Charlemagne Issued in the Year 802
An example of a Carolingian capitulary.

URL: http://avalon.law.yale.edu/medieval/capitula.asp         Link Verified by NetSERF: 15 March 2011
Total Clicks: 14,038         Last Click: 16 August 2019
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* Count Palatinate as Judge Over the Kings: Decree of the Nuremberg Diet, November 19, 1274

URL: http://www.yale.edu/lawweb/avalon/medieval/countpal.htm        
Total Clicks: 6,134         Last Click: 15 August 2019
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* Decree of 1059 Concerning Papal Elections
Both Papal and Imperial version of the decree.

URL: http://www.yale.edu/lawweb/avalon/medieval/papalel.htm        
Total Clicks: 5,921         Last Click: 17 August 2019
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* Decree of the Emperor Henry IV Concerning a Truce of God; 1085 A.D.

URL: http://www.yale.edu/lawweb/avalon/medieval/dechenry.htm        
Total Clicks: 5,953         Last Click: 14 August 2019
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* Rule of St. Benedict
The site includes an illustration from the rule in a 12th century MSS, an English translation of the rule, some analysis and practical working of the rule. (Catholic Encyclopedia)

URL: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/02436a.htm        
Total Clicks: 13,212         Last Click: 17 August 2019
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