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* A Liturgy of Reform: Bruno Segri's De Sacramentis Ecclesial and the Gregorian Reform by Louis Hamilton (Fordham University)
Note: Essays in History Vol 38 (1996)          

URL: http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/journals/EH/EH38/Hamilton.html        
Total Clicks: 5,296         Last Click: 04 April 2020
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* Ecole Initiative, The
"The Early Church On-Line Encyclopedia (Ecole) Initiative is a cooperative effort on the part of scholars across the internet to establish a hypertext encyclopedia of early Church history (to the Reformation) on the World-Wide Web."

URL: http://www2.evansville.edu/ecoleweb/        
Total Clicks: 7,958         Last Click: 03 April 2020
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* Lollard Society, The
"Lollardy, or Wycliffism, was England's greatest medieval heresy. The movement originated in the 1370s or early 1380s in Oxford with the followers of John Wyclif (d. 1384).
The purpose of this website, and our society, is to provide a forum for those interested in the study of Lollardy and the religious culture of the later Middle Ages in England. We hope to be accessible to all levels of academic interest." Site includes links and a bibliography.

URL: http://lollardsociety.org/         Link Verified by NetSERF: 24 September 2013
Total Clicks: 17,586         Last Click: 05 April 2020
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* "Thomism" by D.J. Kennedy, O.P.
From a Catholic Encyclopedia article written between 1907 and 1912.

URL: http://www2.nd.edu/Departments/Maritain/etext/thomism.htm         Link Verified by NetSERF: 15 April 2014
Total Clicks: 13,697         Last Click: 04 April 2020
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* Timeline of Orthodox Church History
An interesting timeline of materials for the study of Orthodox Church history.

URL: http://www.saintignatiuschurch.org/timeline.html         Link Verified by NetSERF: 21 November 2006
Total Clicks: 13,993         Last Click: 05 April 2020
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