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*Notable Women
*Royalty and Nobility
*Saints and Martyrs
*Women Studies Bibliographies>>
*Women Studies Teaching Materials>>
>> These topics are cross-referenced.

* Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World
It appears that this site has gone dormant and not been updated in a number of years. Still good information is to be found there. "Diotima serves as an interdisciplinary resource for anyone interested in patterns of gender around the ancient Mediterranean and as a forum for collaboration among instructors who teach courses about women and gender in the ancient world. This site includes course materials, the beginnings of a systematic and searchable bibliography, and links to many on-line resources, including articles, book reviews, databases, and images. Ross Scaife and Suzanne Bonefas launched this project in early 1995; since that time it has been developed mainly by Scaife, but with help and contributions from many quarters. "

URL: http://www.stoa.org/diotima/         Link Verified by NetSERF: 05 March 2011
Total Clicks: 16,395         Last Click: 04 April 2020
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* Feminae: Medieval Womena and Gender Index [NetSERF Select]
"Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index covers journal articles, book reviews, and essays in books about women, sexuality, and gender during the Middle Ages. Because of the explosion of research in Women's Studies during the past two decades, scholars and students interested in women during the Middle Ages find an ever-growing flood of publications. Identifying relevant works in this mass of material is further complicated by the interdisciplinary nature of much of the scholarship. In order to help researchers find current articles and essays quickly and easily, librarians and scholars began compiling the Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index in July 1996."

URL: http://inpress.lib.uiowa.edu/feminae/         Link Verified by NetSERF: 14 March 2011
Total Clicks: 10,444         Last Click: 04 April 2020
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* Magistra: A Journal of Women's Spirituality in History
"Magistra welcomes both new subscribers and new material for publication. In addition to original articles, translations of texts by or about women and their spirituality will be considered by our editorial readers. Magistra is always seeking articles on lesser known women and subjects other than the “traditional” Catholic medieval mystics."

URL: http://www.mountosb.org/publications/magistra.html         Link Verified by NetSERF: 13 March 2011
Total Clicks: 11,544         Last Click: 06 April 2020
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* Matrix: Resources for the Study of Women's Religious Communities [NetSERF Select]
"Matrix is an ongoing collaborative effort by an international group of scholars of medieval history, religion, history of art, archaeology, religion, and other disciplines, as well as librarians and experts in computer technology. Our goal is to document the participation of Christian women in the religion and society of medieval Europe. In particular, we aim to collect and make available all existing data about all professional Christian women in Europe between 500 and 1500 C.E. The project draws on both textual and material sources, primary and secondary, although its basis is unpublished archival evidence. It addresses a variety of individuals and groups in medieval Europe, and a range of ecclesiastical institutions, including monastic houses of every size, affiliation, and rule. Our editorial intentions in selecting and presenting material are both scholarly and pedagogical--Matrix is designed for use by scholars, students, and anyone interested in the study of women, medieval Europe, or the history of Christianity."

URL: http://www.monasticmatrix.org/         Link Verified by NetSERF: 14 March 2011
Total Clicks: 16,562         Last Click: 05 April 2020
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* Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship
The site contains information about the society, a bibliography from each issue of the Medieval Feminist Forum, information about subscribing to the newsletter, and the table of contents from past issues.

URL: http://hosted.lib.uiowa.edu/smfs/mff/         Link Verified by NetSERF: 13 March 2011
Total Clicks: 12,941         Last Click: 04 April 2020
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* Women Interpreting Scripture in the Middle Ages
"This article gives general background about the patriarchal context of biblical interpretation and specific information about the Beguines, Hildegarde of Bingen, Julian of Norwich, and the persecution of women."

URL: http://gbgm-umc.org/umw/bible/mawomen.stm         Link Verified by NetSERF: 19 September 2013
Total Clicks: 15,914         Last Click: 05 April 2020
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